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If you are a homeowner, use this app to make sure your system matches the proposal given. If you are an HVAC tech, use this app to make sure your replacement equipment meets the standard requirement. If you are an HVAC Salesman, use this app to make sure you are given comparable equipment to what a competitor is offering. If you are a home inspector, use this app to get the age and specifications of installed equipment.

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Copeland Compressor Decoder

How to decode Copeland Compressor model numbers.

Most units now days use Copeland Compressors, and, thanks to the build-in Copeland Compressor Decoder, you can enter the compressor model number into the HVAC Decoder App and find out the size of the unit. The information will be very close to the nominal size of the replacement units.

Decoder Results ZR18K5PFV830

BN Brand Name Copeland
CT Category Type Compressor
SC Segments Count 9
1 Type Z- Scroll
2 Refrigerant R- R-22
3 Cooling 18- 18,000 BTU/H 1.5 Tons
4 Capacity Multiplier K-1,000 or 1 for App
5 Revision 5- Revision Or Series
6 Motor Desc P- Single
7 Motor Protection F- Internal
8 Electrical V- 208-230-1
9 Revision 830- Revision Or Series

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