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Amana Model Number Decoder

How to decode Amana package unit model numbers.

Amana package units are better than ever now that Daikin has taken over the company. They are built here in the United States and are great products. Now that Amana is making a come back in the industry, you will need more than ever to be familiar with their model numbers. The builtin Amana model number decoder in the HVAC Decoder App can help you with not only Amana products but all Daikin branded products.

Daikin branded products include Goodman, Amana, and Daikin, which are now built in one super large facility in Texas. Daikin is a Japanese owned company that has devoted itself to building Amana here in the US according to the high Japanese standard.

Decoding Amana products is as easy as entering the model number in your smartphone using the HVAC Decoder App.

Example Amana model number APG1636080M41

The results from the HVAC Decoder App are shown below.

Decoder Results APG1636080M41

BN Brand Name Amana-Goodman
CT Category Type Package Gas-Dual
SC Segments Count 9
1 Daikin Brands A- Amana
2 Product Category P- Packaged Unit
3 Unit Type G- Gas/Electric
4 Nominal SEER 16- 16 SEER
5 Cooling 36- 36,000 BTU/H 3 Tons
6 Gas Heat 080- 80,000 BTU/H
7 Airflow M- Multi-Position
8 Refrigerant 4- R-410A
9 Daikin Voltage 1- 208/230-1-60 or - 120-1-60

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