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Why make the HVAC Decoder App?

I am the owner of an HVAC company and we do a lot of change out. I have come to the realization a long time ago that when doing a change out try to stay with the same size unit unless the homeowner has a complaint about it cooling capacity. That way when the unit is replaced you don't have to worry about the customer complaining it does not work as well as the old unit.

The problem is there are so many name brand units and they all use different codes to determine the size of the unit. It has gotten better in the last few years with the manufacturer placing the BTU rating in the model number and sticking to per ton size. This work for the most unit find a couple of digits that is divisible by 12 and you will get the tonnage.

However, this does not always work and then your stuck trying to figure out the correct size. Which means calling the supply house waiting on hold and when you finally get to talk to the counter sales wait for them to look it up and hope they are not guessing. The other option is to try to google it if you have internet access on your smartphone. Then search through pages of people trying to sell you parts or equipment before you find the spec sheet.

Why spend $4.99 for the app?

If you a business owner for less than the cost of a hamburger you can save time and know the exact size of the equipment even if it a brand name you don't sell. It also valuable if you have someone entering data for your sales or marketing that is not familiar with the model numbers.

If you're an HVAC salesman and you're trying to do apple for apple comparison of your competitor proposal and they have number your not familiar with you can check against there given model number to give the correct quote. Nothing like losing a quote because of you quoting a variable speed furnace that cost $1500 and the competitor standard unit that cost $700 dollars. Knowing every other company model number is not possible without this app.

If you're a homeowner the best way to protect yourself is with knowledge! Knowing your unit size and capabilities is very important. HVAC Decoder App will help protect you against the switch and bait sales. The model numbers hold lots of information needed to replace and repair your unit and with the HVAC Decoder App, all that knowledge is at your fingertips.

Free Updates!

HVAC Decoder App has residential and commercial HVAC equipment data from many manufacturers already in its database. However, it does not have them all as of yet but as more and more people use the app and report missing data the database becomes more complete. I update the database with this reported missing data by researching the data and adding it to the database as often as possible. I also work on the search engine to make sure it finds the data in the database if you mistype or omit the some of the data. With smartphones app the updates are free so when I put out the new updated version you will get notified to download the new version on your smartphone.

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